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Unformatted text preview: reening, evaluation and re­evaluation Accepts and responds to referrals Modifies the intervention plan Completes and documents evaluation results OTR continued OTR continued • Has overall responsibility for development, • • • documentation and implementation of the OT intervention plan based on the evaluation, client goals, best available evidence and clinical reasoning Selects the most appropriate types of interventions Modifies intervention plan as needed and documents changes Prepares and implements transition or discontinuation plan COTA COTA • Contributes to screening, evaluation and re­evaluation by • • • • implementing delegated assessments and through verbal and written reports Contributes to documentation of evaluation results Provides services under the supervision of and in partnerships with the OTR Contributes to modification of the intervention plan by exchanging information with OTR Contributes to discharge plan & assessing the effectiveness of the process COTA continued COTA continued • Select...
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