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Unformatted text preview: s, implements and makes modifications to • • therapeutic interventions consistent with demonstrated competency and delegated responsibility Contributes to modification of intervention plan by exchanging information with OT Contributes to transition or discontinuation plan by providing info and documentation to OT Massachusetts board licensee Massachusetts board licensee regulations Supervising OTR must: Supervising OTR must: • • • • • • Provide initial evaluation Interpret client information, develop plan of care, identify and document precautions, contraindications Establish channels of communication Assess competence of support personnel, direct and supervise them in delegated tasks Re­evaluate, adjust plan of care, perform final evaluation and follow up plan Use judgment when determining number of support personnel they can safely and effectively supervise COTA COTA • Cannot initiate or alter a treatment program • • • • without evaluation by and approval of OTR Cannot interpret data beyond scope of their education Can adjust treatment procedure with prior approval of OTR Can respond to inquiries about a client’s status Must refer questions about prognosis to supervising OTR Co­signing of documentation by Co­signing of documentation by OTR • OTR and OTA students • Temporary license holders Medicare guidelines Medicare guidelines Medicare Medicare • OTR is responsible for evaluation & re­ • • • evaluation COTA must be supervised General supervision required except for private practice which requires direct supervision In clinics, rehabilitation agencies COTA must have on site supervision at least every 30 days Follow most stringent regulations Follow most stringent regulations • Consider: State licensure board requirements, Medicare, AOTA, organization’s policies Collaborative strategies­ Collaborative strategies­ Supervision • Follow guidelines, but use clinical • • • • judgment regarding level of supervision Service competency=Skill level equivalent and outcomes the same Know strengths and weaknesses Should be tested and documented Facilitate environment where skills can be improved­know learning styles Collaboration continued Collaboration continued • Clear job description • Performance expectations and consequences Case study of the OTR/COTA Case study of the OTR/COTA collaborative process Clinical examples Clinical examples...
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