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Unformatted text preview: and he has won an Emmy working for CBS News and Scientific American. He has 306,371 followers on Twitter. Chuck Todd is a politician who works for the White House Correspondent on NBC and has 335,308 followers. Lastly, Rick Klein who is also a political commentator who works for ABC news currently has 63,741 followers. Some of the obvious advantages to their journalist tweets is that it makes it easier for journalists to send out information and news very quickly. Breaking news is sent out within seconds for everyone to see. Especially for natural disasters, Twitter has been a convenient way to inform the public about any sudden events taking place. According to Craig Stoltz, a current user of Twitter, Twitter “works best in situations where the story is changing so fast that the mainstream media can't assemble all the facts at once." ( Twitter is used as a medium of mass communication where stories, news, and the latest trends are reported. With the use of hash...
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