EGN 1001C Syllabus Spring 2014

Drc staff then prepares a letter for the student to

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Unformatted text preview: Disabilities Act (ADA). After receiving all necessary documentation, the DRC staff determines whether a student qualifies for services with the DRC and if so, the accommodations the student requires will be provided. DRC staff then prepares a letter for the student to provide faculty advising them of approved accommodations. Military and veteran students who return from combat exposure may be utilizing the post 9/11 GI bill to continue postsecondary education goals. For further information, contact the DRC by phone (904) 620‐2769, e‐mail [email protected], or visit the DRC website Military and veteran students may need both physical and academic accommodations. Contact Military and Veterans Resource Center by phone (904) 620‐2655 or e‐mail [email protected] for additional information. Grade Breakdown: Assessment Method Homework Assignments Percentage of Final Grade 20% Final Letter Grade A Grade Range 90 and above Weekly Notebooks Submissions 50% B 80 to 89 Final Laboratory Reports 30% C 70 to 79 D 60 to 69 F Less than 60 Total 100% EGN 1001C – Introduction to Engineering 1 Instructors: Bacopoulos, Eason, and Hudyma Spring 2014 Page 2 Course Learning Outcomes: Work in a team environment to perform and docum...
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