1 to summarize information about external factors

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Unformatted text preview: tising? Privacy? Use by children? Why is self-regulation important? building your marketing plan Your marketing plan will include a situation analysis based on internal and external factors that are likely to affect your marketing program. 1 To summarize information about external factors, create a table similar to Figure 3–2 and identify three trends related to each of the five forces (social, economic, tech- nological, competitive, and regulatory) that relate to your product or service. 2 When your table is completed, describe how each of the trends represents an opportunity or a threat for your business. CHAPTER 3 SCANNING THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT APPLYING MARKETING KNOWLEDGE video case 3 Geek Squad: A New Business for a New Environment “As long as there’s innovation there is going to be new kinds of chaos,” explains Robert Stephens, founder of the technology support company Geek Squad. The chaos Stephens is referring to is the difficulty we have all experienced trying to keep up with the many...
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