As shown in figure 31 and described later in this

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Unformatted text preview: n Figure 3–1 and described later in this chapter, these forces affect the marketing activities of a firm in numerous and unexpected ways. LO1 environmental scanning Process of acquiring information on events outside the organization to identify and interpret potential trends An Environmental Scan of Today’s Marketplace What trends might affect marketing in the future? A firm conducting an environmental scan of the marketplace might uncover key trends such as those listed in Figure 3–2 for each of the five environmental forces.2 Although the list of trends is far from complete, it reveals the breadth of an environmental scan—from the increasing diversity of the U.S. population, to the growing economic impact of China and India, to the dramatic growth of customer-generated content. These trends affect consumers and the businesses and organizations that serve them. Trends such as these are described in the following discussions of the five environmental forces. SOCIAL FORCES The social forces of the environment include the demographic characteristics of the population and its values. Cha...
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