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Unformatted text preview: systems. Geek Squad is also using new technology to improve. Agents now use a smart phone to access updated schedules, log in their hours, and run diagnostics tests on client’s equipment. Finally, to attract the best possible employees, Geek Squad and Best Buy are trying a “results-only work environment” that has no fixed schedules and no mandatory meetings. By encouraging employees to make their own work-life decisions the Geek Squad hopes to keep morale and productivity high. Other changes and opportunities are certain to appear soon. Despite the success of the Geek Squad, and the potential for additional growth, however, Robert Stephens is modest and claims, “Geeks may inherit the Earth, but they have no desire to rule it!” THE FUTURE FOR GEEK SQUAD The combination of many positive environmental factors helps explain the extraordinary success of Geek Squad. Today, it repairs more than 3,000 PCs a day and generates more than $1 billion in revenue. Because Geek Squad services have a hi...
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