Companies currently have different responses to

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Unformatted text preview: es—sometimes called Doppelgangers—are a growing form of citizen protest called culture jamming. The purpose of the parodies is to undermine the integrity of existing brand marketing. Companies currently have different responses to Doppel- gangers. Some companies ignore them, others try to monitor the parodies for insight about consumer perceptions of the company, and others try to fight back. Starbucks, for example, has used cease and desist letters, injunctions, and trademark infringement litigation to try to stop the creation and distribution of Doppelgangers. Do you think consumers have the right to use this form of culture jamming? Should companies try to stop the practice? What is your opinion? name, or symbol in its business. Registration under the Lanham Act provides important advantages to a trademark owner that has used the trademark in interstate or foreign commerce, but it does not confer ownership. A company can lose its trademark if it becomes generic, which means that it has primarily come to be merely a common descriptive word for the product. Coca-Cola, Whopper, and Xerox a...
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