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Company protection a company can protect its

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Unformatted text preview: product component of the marketing mix. Some are aimed at protecting the company, some at protecting the consumer, and at least one at protecting both. Company Protection A company can protect its competitive position in new and novel products under the patent law, which gives inventors the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling products that infringe the patented invention. The federal copyright law is another way for a company to protect its competitive position in a product. The copyright law gives the author of a literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic work 70 ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 71 8/13/08 12:57:13 AM user ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 71 8/13/08 12:57:13 AM user /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 the exclusive right to print, perform, or otherwise copy that work. Copyright is secured automatically when the work is created. However, the published work should bear an appropriate copyright notice, including the copyright symbol, the first year of publication, and the name of the copyright owner, and it must be registered under the federal copyright law. Digital technology ha...
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