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For example geek squad locations are being tested in

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Unformatted text preview: gh-profit margin they contribute to the overall performance of Best Buy, and they help generate traffic in the store and create store loyalty. To continue to grow, however, Geek Squad will need to continue to scan the environment and try new approaches to creating customer value. One possible new approach is to find additional locations that are convenient to consumers. For example, Geek Squad locations are being tested in some FedEx stores and in some Office Depot stores. Another possible approach is to create new houses that are designed for the newest consumer electronics products. To test this idea Best Buy has created partnerships with home builders to wire new Questions 1 What are the key environmental factors that created an opportunity for Robert Stephens to start the Geek Squad? 2 What changes in the purchasing patterns of (a) all consumers, and (b) women made the acquisition of Geek Squad particularly important for Best Buy? 3 Based on the case information and what you know about consumer electronics, conduct an environmental scan for Geek Squad to identify key trends. For each of the five environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory), identify trends likely to influence Geek Squad in the near future. 4 What promotional activities would you recommend to encourage consumers who use independent installers to switch to Geek Squad? CHAPTER 3 SCANNING THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 77 8/13/08 12:57:21 AM user ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 77 8/13/08 12:57:21 AM user 77...
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