In what magazines would you advertise to appeal to

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Unformatted text preview: that might significantly affect this company’s future business, and then propose how Gerber might respond to these changes. 2 Describe the new features you would add to an automobile designed for consumers in the 55+ age group. In what magazines would you advertise to appeal to this target market? 3 New technologies are continuously improving and replacing existing products. Although technological change is often difficult to predict, suggest how the following companies and products might be affected by the Internet and digital technologies: (a) Kodak cameras and film, (b) American Airlines, and (c) the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 4 In recent years in the brewing industry, a couple of large firms that have historically had most of the beer sales (Anheuser-Busch and Miller) have faced competition from many small “micro” brands. In terms of the continuum of competition, how would you explain this change? 5 Why would Xerox be concerned about its name becoming generic? 6 Develop a “Code of Business Practices” for a new online vitamin store. Does your code address adver...
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