Increasingly important values for consumers are

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Unformatted text preview: age groups rank “self-esteem” and “health and fitness” as their third most important values, respectively. Increasingly important values for consumers are preserving the environment and other health issues. These values are reflected in the growth of products that consumers believe are consistent with their values. Dannon Co., for example, has developed probiotic yogurts such as Light & Fit Crave Control yogurt and immunity-boosting DanActive for health-conscious consumers. Concern for the environment is one reason consumers are buying hybrid gas-electric automobiles such as the Toyota Prius and energy-efficient lightbulbs such as General Electric’s Energy Smart fluorescent bulbs. Companies are also changing their business practices to respond to trends in consumer values. Wal-Mart has set ambitious goals to cut energy use, switch to renewable power, and reduce packaging on the products it carries.12 1. Describe three generational cohorts. learning review 2. Why are many companies developing multic...
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