Self regulation through organizations such as the

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Unformatted text preview: ated laws are designed to create a competitive marketplace with fair prices and availability. Regulation related to promotion and advertising reduces deceptive practices and provides enforcement through the Federal Trade Commission. Self-regulation through organizations such as the Better Business Bureau provides an alternative to federal and state regulation. ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 75 8/13/08 12:57:17 AM user ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 75 8/13/08 12:57:17 AM user /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 FOCUSING ON KEY TERMS baby boomers p. 62 competition p. 69 consumerism p. 71 culture p. 65 demographics p. 60 economy p. 65 environmental scanning p. 60 Generation X p. 62 Generation Y p. 63 marketspace p. 68 multicultural marketing p. 64 regulation p. 70 self-regulation p. 73 social forces p. 60 technology p. 67 1 For many years Gerber has manufactured baby food in small, single-sized containers. In conducting an environmental scan, identify three trends or factors...
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