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Surveys of generation x travelers indicate they want

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Unformatted text preview: companies are creating new concepts that appeal to the younger market. Surveys of Generation X travelers indicate they want casual, tech-friendly lodging with 24-hour access to food and drinks, so Hyatt Corporation is building Generation X Members of the U.S. population born between 1965 and 1976 Which generational cohorts are these three advertisers trying to reach? 62 ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 63 8/13/08 12:57:07 AM user ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 63 8/13/08 12:57:07 AM user /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 Marketing Matters > > > > entrepreneurship Generation Y Is Becoming a Generation of Entrepreneurs! Generation Y The 72 million Americans born between 1977 and 1994 pany named Mophie that makes cases, armbands, and belt clips as iPod accessories. The success of the company has attracted $1.5 million in venture capital, but more importantly for Kaufman, it allows him to have a job that he likes. Similarly, Sheena Lindahl used her interest in creating her own career to start a business called Extreme Entrepreneurs...
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