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This movement continues and is reflected in growing

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Unformatted text preview: consumerism, a grassroots movement started in the 1960s to increase the influence, power, and rights of consumers in dealing with institutions. This movement continues and is reflected in growing consumer demands for ecologically safe products and ethical and socially responsible business practices. One hotly debated issue concerns liability for environmental abuse. CHAPTER 3 SCANNING THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT These products are identified by protected trademarks. Are any of these trademarks in danger of becoming generic? Both Company and Consumer Protection Trademarks are intended to protect both the firm selling a trademarked product and the consumer buying it. A Senate report states: The purposes underlying any trademark statute [are] twofold. One is to protect the public so that it may be confident that, in purchasing a product bearing a particular trademark which it favorably knows, it will get the product which it asks for and wants to get. Secondly, where the owner of a trademark has spent ener...
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