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Unformatted text preview: :06 AM user ker81063_ch03_058-077.indd Page 61 8/13/08 12:57:06 AM user ENVIRONMENTAL FORCE /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 /Volumes/203/MHBR060/ker10ch03 TREND IDENTIFIED BY AN ENVIRONMENTAL SCAN • Expanding use of social networks and collaborative web services • Increasing mobility and diversity of the population • Growing concern over global warming and climate change Economic • Shift to a global economy and the growing importance of China and India • Baby boomers begin turning sixty and spending retirement funds • Virtual online communities developing their own economies Technological • Increasing popularity of mobile TV • Advances in biometrics as a security solution • Growing demand for portable, renewable power sources Competitive • Dramatic increase in customer-generated content about competitive options • New metrics for assessment increase performance comparisons • Development and growth of competitive intelligence departments Regulatory • Increasing legislation requiring digital storage of corporate records • Greater concern for privacy and personal information collection • New regulations to respond to fear of terrorism FIGURE 3–2 An environmental scan of today...
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