First japanese buddhist lineages tendai and shingon

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Unformatted text preview: ijiri—even warriors who became hijiri) 5. “New” “Schools” of Medieval Era: reaction to problems. First Japanese Buddhist Lineages: Tendai and Shingon. Tendai: Catholic approach, emphasis on Lotus Sutra. 利利利利利利 (Enryakuji Temple, on Mount Hiei, center of Tendai 天天 ) Shingon: Esoteric Buddhism; initiation = verbal formulae (Sk. mantra), hand gestures, meditation to attain Buddhahood in this body. 利利利利利利 (Entrance to Kongobuji temple, center of Shingon 天天 ) 利利 利利 (“Golden Hall” and “Great Reliquary” at Kongobuji) 利利利 (Oku-no-in cemetery at Kongobuji) (Monks performing esoteric rite at Kongobuji) Limitation of “Protestant Reformation” comparison. New schools: emphasis on “singlepractice” methods: I) Hōnen (1133-1212): Pure Land Lineage: Faith in Pure Land Buddha, recitation of Name (namu Amida Butsu 天天天天天天 )—in Final Age ( 天天 ) (Gold-plated wooden image of Pure Land Buddha, surrounded by attendant bodhisattvas (~1052); roughly 3 meters...
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