Imageofnichiren withhisdisciples 6 dreams of buddhism

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Unformatted text preview: of the same temple in winter and summer) III) Zen 天 Lineages: meditation as path to enlightenment—simple sustained effort. (All-rock garden at Ryoanji temple 日日日 , typically treated as an object for meditation) (Eiheiji temple 天天天 ) IV) Nichiren Lineage: Charismatic monk Nichiren (1222-1282): Absolute reliance on Lotus Sūtra = true teaching of Last Age. (Image of Nichiren 天天 with his disciples) 6. Dreams of Buddhism  仏仏仏仏仏 : Argument + Implications • • Chido 仏仏 (late 13th c. monk): Lived in East Kyoto, was of Shingon lineage. Contexts for work: Mahayana n...
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