Thus practice still recommended here the meditation

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Unformatted text preview: eir fundamental nature, lack the slightest bit of difference. Yet if false thoughts arise, one becomes a sentient being drowning in birth and death. If one knows reality as it is, then one becomes a Buddha who realizes bodhi.” 仏 仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏 仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏 仏仏仏仏仏仏仏仏 Implications? Karma: If you are Buddha [fullyrealized = have perfect wisdom], no longer relevant. “ ‘But as long as one has not attained Buddhahood...
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