lab 8wave for analysis

6v v 357v percenterror 34v 357v v vmeasured x100

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Unformatted text preview: t 2: A 330Ω resistor and 1µF capacitor were set up in parallel, this displayed a half- wave on the oscilloscope and reading an average voltage of 3.4V. The average voltage is found using the equation below: Vp V= b b V p b ⎡ྎ 2πx πx ⎤ྏ ∫ sin b dx = bπ ⎢ྎ(− cos( b ))⎥ྏ ⎣ྏ ⎦ྏ 0 0 b 2V p 2(5.6V ) V= = = 3.57V π π € PercentError = 3.4V − 3.57V V − Vmeasured x100 = x100 = 4.7% V 3.57V Conclusion € For part one of the experiment, the time constant, τ, for the first graph was 1ms and after calculating that the theoretical was also found to be 1ms result...
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