Trojan War - Trojan War Pelops wants a kingdom lover of...

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Trojan War Pelops wants a kingdom, lover of Poseidon o Pisa (not Italy) up for grabs o King in love with his daughter (Hippodamia), who wanted to get married o King set up contest – beat the King in a chariot race King’s horses are fathered by the wind You loose, you die 12 men had already attempted and lost o Asks Poseidon for help and gets winged, tireless horses o Goes to the stable boy (Myrtilus), and bribes him to make the King’s chariot fail Use wax pins in the wheels Reward: money or let him sleep with Hippodamia o King is killed in the race and Pelops wins o Go on a trip, Pelops pushes Myrtilus off a cliff As he is falling he curses Pelops’ family o Go back to Pisa, rules with no problems Messenger comes to Pisa and announces that Mycenae needs a new king and that the oracle says that the new king must be a son of Pelops – not specific as to which one o Atreus is older, thinks he should rule o Thyestes wants a sign – golden ram’s fleece (not the golden fleece) Atreus agrees because he already has one from a previous sacrifice to the gods Thyestes has been having an affair with Atreus’ wife, who gave him the fleece Atreus asks Zeus for help; Zeus creates a miracle that Atreus proclaims: sun rises in the west and sets in the east People agree that Atreus should be king Atreus becomes king and exiles Thyestes o Learns of the affair o Wants vengeance on Thyestes o Invites Thyestes to banquet and tricks him into eating his own sons o Thyestes curses Atreus and leaves
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Thyestes goes to the oracle seeking vengeance o Oracle: father a child by your own daughter o Doesn’t want to do this o Leaving Delphi, comes to a religious ceremony, rapes on of the women (happens to be his daughter) and leaves, forgets sword Atreus looks for Thyestes because there is a famine, thinks bringing him back will fix it o Finds Thyestes’ daughter, doesn’t recognize her and marries her and takes her home o She gives birth to a son, everyone thinks that it is Atreus’ Atreus sends Agammemnon and Menelaus to find Thyestes o Go to Delphi and find Thyestes and take him home o Thyestes is put into prison o Tells Aegisthus to go and kill Thyestes, mother gives him the sword that Thyestes left when he raped her Goes to kill him with Thyestes’ sword Recognizes sword and the whole story comes out Thyestes’ daughter realizes that she was raped by her father and kills herself with the sword Aegisthus goes to Atreus with the bloody sword and says he killed Thyestes o Atreus goes to make a sacrifice, Aegisthus follows him and kills him with the sword Agammemnon and Menelaus leave because Thyestes is king o Go to Sparta and talk to King Tyndareus o Helps them overthrow Thyestes Helen – most beautiful mortal woman Clytemnestra – prophet, nobody believes her (see Apollo notes), marries Agammemnon
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Trojan War - Trojan War Pelops wants a kingdom lover of...

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