4 points since ran is still gtpbound in the nucleus

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Unformatted text preview: From which compartment in the secretory pathway is examinin diverted to the lysosome? (1 point) trans ­Golgi (TGN) When examinin is severely over ­produced in a cell, some examinin is found outside the cell (in addition to being found in the lysosome). Surprisingly, other soluble lysosomal proteins are also found outside this cell (in addition to being found in the lysosome). Why? (4 points) More examinin than M6P receptors, thus some examinin is NOT packaged into (clathrin ­coated) vesicles for diversion to (endosome and then) lysosome. Such examinin follows the default pathway and is secreted. Since most of the M6P receptors bind to examinin, there are also not enough M6P receptors to bind to other lysosomal proteins (to divert them to the lysosome). Thus, these lysosomal proteins also follow the default pathway for secretion. 2. When RanGAP becomes inactivated in a cell, what will be the nucleotide ­binding state of the Ran...
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