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Unformatted text preview: zed even after the α/β ­tubulin dimer has been incorporated into the microtubule lattice E) is accessible to solvent at the minus end of the microtubule 13. The multiple protofilaments in microfilaments and microtubules allow: A) B) C) D) the nucleation step of assembly to be much faster the assembly rate to be much faster the disassembly rate to be much faster the subunit at the end to come off more easily relative to breaking of the filament (microfilaments or microtubules) somewhere in the middle E) these structures to have rope like properties 14. When assembling microtubules, higher tubulin dimer concentration leads to _________ average GTP ­cap size at microtubule ends, thus making such ends ___________ likely to undergo catastrophe. A) B) C) D) E) 15. smaller / less larger / less smaller / more larger / more no difference in the / no more or less The drug taxol/paclitaxel binds tubulin and: A) prevents microtubule assembly B) prevents microtubule disassembly C) caps the plus ends...
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