Gdptubulin differs from gtptubulin in that gdptubulin

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Unformatted text preview: minal pH of the different compartments in the secretory pathway gets progressively more _______acidic____________ (in the direction of the plasma membrane) and this pH change can affect the _____________affinity/binding/association/interaction___________ between two proteins. Senescent red blood cells are cleared from our body by macrophages in the process of _______________phagocytosis_________, whereas dendritic cells sample their external fluid environment by the process of __________pinocytosis________________. In the regulated secretory pathway, the ________docking/tethering___________ or __________fusion__________ of the secretory vesicle/granule with the plasma membrane is often regulated by external signals. Endocytosed receptors destined for degradation in the lysosome are made fully accessible to lysosomal hydrolases by being sorted into the internal vesicles of ___________multivesicula...
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