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Such examinin follows the default pathway and is

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Unformatted text preview: two motor heads to be processive, each head must spend ______>50%_______ of its ATP ­binding and hydrolysis cycle (time) bound to the filament that it walks on. The severing protein cofilin/ADF preferably binds and severs old actin filaments because such filaments have _______ADP ­bound actin___________. ___Profilin_________ competes against thymosin to promote actin assembly. Essay questions (total of 30 points) 1. Examinin is a soluble lysosomal protein. What is the signal on examinin that targets it to the lysosome? (2 points) mannose ­6 ­phosphate (M6P) Where AND how is this signal generated? You do NOT have to name the enzymes involved. (4 points) GlcNAc ­phosphate is added to mannose of (N ­linked) oligosaccharide on examinin in the cis ­ Golgi. GlcNAc is removed in the trans ­Golgi to generate M6P (i.e., net addition of only a phosphate on mannose)....
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