5 points list 1 list 2 a interpolar microtubules 1

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Unformatted text preview: DNA replication is limited to once per cell cycle because _____________S ­Cdk_________ that triggers initiation of DNA replication also causes the degradation of _____Cdc6/loading factor_____________________________. In the ______________intrinsic___________ pathway of apoptosis, cytochrome c binding induces Apaf1 to assemble into the _______________apoptosome______________ complex. A __________minus_______________ end ­directed microtubule motor that functions at the __________kinetochore___________ provides the major force for anaphase A. cAMP is produced from _________ATP_______________ by the enzyme known as____________adenylyl cyclase__________________________________________. In a cell, the concentration of calcium is low in the _______cytosol___________ and high in the lumens of _______________ER ____________ and ______mitochondria____________. Cancer cells often have inactivating mutations in p53...
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