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A mutant examinin that is not active as a kinase is

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Unformatted text preview: because p53 is required for the processes of ______________cell cycle (checkpoint, G1) arrest__________ and __________apoptosis____________in response to DNA damage (and other cellular stresses). Essay questions (total of 30 points) 1. Match each of the main classes of spindle microtubules from list 1 with their functions and features from list 2. (5 points) List 1 List 2 (A) Interpolar microtubules 1) Stabilized by interactions with each other via motor proteins (B) Aster microtubules 2) Interact with the cell cortex (C) Kinetochore microtubules 3) Link chromosomes to a spindle pole 4) Depolymerize to promote anaphase A 5) Depolymerize to promote anaphase B A—1; B—2, 5; C—3, 4 The presence of even a single unattached kinetochore delays the separation of sister chromatids during mitotis. Explain at the mechanistic level how this unattached kinetochore prevents sister chromatid separation. (5 points)...
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