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Unformatted text preview: ­kinase is true? A) It can phosphorylate and activate Akt kinase B) C) D) E) 22. Scaffold proteins are important for MAP kinase cascade signaling because: A) B) C) D) E) It can synthesize IP3 It plays an important role in cell survival It can phosphorylate and activate the PDK1 kinase All of the above MAP kinases are not active when not bound to scaffold proteins Scaffold proteins prevent cross ­talk between parallel MAP kinase cascades Scaffold proteins increase the efficiency of signal transmission within the cascade All of the above B and C Fill in the blank with one or a small number of words (2 points each) _____________________________________________________________________________________ To observe a particular protein in a live cell, scientists often express a fusion of this protein to _________GFP___________________ in the live cell. A molecular chaperone binds to a misfolded protein through _________hydrophobic_________interactions and uses the energy of __________...
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