In the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis

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Unformatted text preview: ____ATP ­ hydrolysis_________________ to drive protein folding. Before ER translocation occurs, ____________SRP_________________ binds to a translating ribosome and displaces ____elgonation factor____________________________ to cause translational pause. Soluble resident ER proteins have the __________KDEL____________________ sequence located at the _____very C ­terminal end____________________________________ of the proteins. Pinocytosis is important for the uptake of __________fluid________ and can be mediated by the protein __________clathrin______________ or ______________caveolin____________. In most animal cells, the centrosome is found near the ____________center/Golgi_____________ of the cell and each centrosome contains 2 __________centrioles________________. The severing protein cofilin/ADF preferably binds and severs old actin filaments because old filaments have actin that is _________________ADP ­bound____________________. Chromosomal...
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