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You do not have to describe the atp binding and

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Unformatted text preview: can diffuse rapidly from the site of synthesis to affect the function of other proteins. Survival factor and nutrient signaling converge on the __________Akt_______________ protein kinase to prevent cells from undergoing the process of ___________apoptosis____________________. Receptors for IP3 are located at the ___________ER membrane___________________. A ligand travels a __________short____________distance in paracrine signaling and it travels a ___________long___________distance in endocrine signaling. Starting in prophase, chromosomes condense because the _______________condensin______________ protein complex is activated by __________M ­ Cdk/phosphorylation___________ at this time. Essay questions (total of 30 points) 1. A genetic pathway map of the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis is shown in the figure below, with empty boxes instead of protein names. Fill in the boxes with the following proteins: initiator caspase ­9, Bcl ­2 (class A protein), anti ­IAP protein, Apaf ­1, cytochrome c, executioner caspase, BH3 ­only protein (class C protein), IAP protein, BH123 protein (class B protein). A → symbol indicates activation; –| indicates inhibition. (9 points) 2. In skeletal muscle contraction, describe at the mechanistic level the series of events th...
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