Camp and dag are examples of second messengerssmall

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Unformatted text preview: ows the _________Cdc6/loading factor________ protein to accumulate. DNA damage during G2 causes cell cycle arrest in G2 because ________________Cdc25/phosphatase______________ protein becomes sequestered in the cytosol. The Mad2 protein becomes activated at unattached kinetochores and then goes on to bind and inhibit ________APC/anaphase promoting complex____________________. The polar/astral ejection force is caused by chromokinesin, which is a ___plus________ ­end directed motor that works on __________interpolar/pole ­to ­pole________________ microtubules. The proteins titin and nebulin are ____________very large__________ in size and they are found in the striated muscle repeating structure known as __________sarcomere____________________. Active caspase can cleave and activate the protein __gelsolin_______________________ to cause collapse of the actin cytoskeleton. Binding of a ligand to a GPCR converts the GPCR into a _______GEF/guanine nucleotide exchange factor_________________________________ for Gα that is located nearby. During M phase, there are _____larger_____________ numbers of microtubules per centrosome and each microtubule end is ________more____________ dynamic. cAMP and DAG are examples of _______second messengers/small intracellular mediators________ that...
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