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Unformatted text preview: . Verizo n, f o r example, has spent o ver $ 23 billio n o n its FTTH inf rastructure. Ho wever, mo st experts think the upgrade was critical. Verizo n has co pper into millio ns o f ho mes, but U.S. DSL is unco mpetitive. Verizo n’s residential landline business was dying as users switch to mo bile pho ne numbers, and while mo bile is gro wing, Verizo n Wireless is a jo int venture with the United Kingdo m’s Vo dapho ne, no t a who lly o wned f irm. This means it shares wireless unit pro f its with its partner. With FiOS, Verizo n no w o f f ers pay televisio n, co mpeting with cable’s co re pro duct. It also o f f ers so me o f the f astest ho me bro adband services anywhere, and it gets to keep everything it earns. Go o gle is also in the pro cess o f bringing high-speed f iber to the ho me in several U.S. co mmunities, including Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Misso uri. Go o gle deems its ef f o rt an experiment— it’s mo re interested in learning ho w develo pers and users take advantage o f ultrahigh-speed f iber to the ho me (e.g., what kinds o f apps are created and used, ho w do usage and time spent o nline change), rather than beco ming a natio nwide ISP itself . Go o gle says it will investigate ways to build and o perate netwo rks less expensively and plans to share f indings with o thers. The Go o gle netwo rk will be “o pen,” allo wing o ther service pro viders to use Go o gle’s inf rastructure to resell services to co nsumers. The f irm has pledged to bring speeds o f 1 Gbps at co mpetitive prices to at least 50,000 and po tentially as many as 500,000 ho mes. Over 1,100 U.S. co mmunities applied to be part o f the Go o gle experimental f iber netwo rk.M. Ingerso ll and J. Kelly, “Think Big with a Gig: Our Experimental Fiber Netwo rk,” The Go o gle Blo g, February 2, 2010; L. Rao , “The Final Tally: Mo re Than 1100 Cities Apply f o r Go o gle’s Fiber Netwo rk,” TechCrunch, March 27, 2010. Wireless Mo bile wireless service f ro m ce...
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