And so metimes disputing parties can co me to an

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Unformatted text preview: as tho ught to be to o generic to deserve the rights to m, but Mado nna was able to take back her do main name (f o r the reco rd, Sting no w o wns m).R. Ko nrad and E. Hansen, “Mado m Embro iled in Do main Ownership Spat,” CNET, August 21, 2000. Apple executive Jo nathan Ive was denied the right to reclaim do main names inco rpo rating his o wn name, but that had been registered by ano ther party and witho ut his co nsent. The publicity-shy design guru wasn’t co nsidered eno ugh o f a public f igure to warrant pro tectio n.D. Mo rso n, “Apple VP Ive Lo ses Do main Name Bid,” MacWo rld, May 12, 2009. And so metimes disputing parties can co me to an agreement o utside o f co urt o r ICANN’s dispute reso lutio n mechanisms. When Canadian teenager Michael Ro we registered a site f o r his part-time Web design business, a f irm so uth o f the bo rder to o k no tice o f his do main name—Mikero weso f m. The two parties eventually settled in a deal that swapped the do main f o r an Xbo x and a trip to the Micro so f t Research Tech Fest.M. Ko tadia, “MikeRo weSo f t Settles f o r an Xbo x,” CNET, January 26, 2004. Path Name and File Name Lo o k to the right o f the to p-level do main and yo u might see a slash f o llo wed by either a path name, a f ile name, o r bo th. If a Web address has a path and f ile name, the path maps to a f o lder lo catio n where the f ile is sto red o n the server; the f ile is the name o f the f ile yo u’re lo o king f o r. Mo st Web pages end in “.html,” indicating they are in h ypert ext markup language. While http helps bro wsers and servers co mmunicate, html is the language used to create and f o rmat (render) Web pages. A f ile, ho wever, do esn’t need to be .html; Web servers can deliver just abo ut any type o f f ile: Acro bat do cuments (.pdf ), P o werP o int do cuments (.ppt o r .pptx), Wo rd do cs (.do c o r .do cx), JP EG graphic images (.jpg), and—as we’ll see in Chapter 13 "Inf o rmatio n Security: Barbarians at the Gateway (and Just Abo ut Everywhere Else)"—even malware pro gram...
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