Gsmhasbeenthedominant3gtechnology worldwide

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Unformatted text preview: Sto re, Telef o nica to Charge?” paidCo ntent:UK, February 11, 2010. ISP s also lament the relentlessly increasingly bandwidth demands placed o n their netwo rks. Back in 2007, Yo uTube streamed as much data in three mo nths as the wo rld’s radio , cable, and bro adcast televisio n channels co mbined stream in o ne year,B. Swanso n, “The Co ming Exaf lo o d,” Wall Street Jo urnal, January 20, 2007. and Yo uTube has o nly co ntinued to gro w since then. Sho uld ISP s be required to suppo rt the strain o f this kind o f bandwidth ho g? And what if this o ne applicatio n clo gs netwo rk use f o r o ther traf f ic, such as e-mail o r Web surf ing? Similarly, sho uldn’t f irms have the right to prio ritize so me services to better serve custo mers? So me netwo rk pro viders argue that services like video chat and streaming audio sho uld get prio rity o ver, say, e-mail which can af f o rd slight delay witho ut majo r impact. In that case, there’s a pretty go o d argument that pro viders sho uld be able to discriminate against services. But impro ving ef f iciency and thro ttling usage are two dif f erent things. Internet service f irms say they create demand f o r bro adband business, bro adband f irms say Go o gle and allies are ungratef ul parasites that aren’t sharing the wealth. The battle lines o n the Net neutrality f ro ntier co ntinue to be drawn, and the eventual o utco me will impact co nsumers, investo rs, and will likely inf luence the co ntinued expansio n and inno vatio n o f the Internet. Summing Up Ho pef ully, this chapter helped reveal the mysteries o f the Internet. It’s interesting to kno w ho w “the clo ud” wo rks but it can also be vital. As we’ve seen, the executive o f f ice in f inancial services f irms co nsiders mastery o f the Internet inf rastructure to be critically impo rtant to their co mpetitive advantage. Media f irms f ind the Internet bo th threatening and empo wering. The advancement o f last-mile techno lo gies and issues o f Net neutrality will expo se threats and create o ppo rtunity....
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