In reality yo ur messages likely transf er via lo ts

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Unformatted text preview: o n a po rtio n o f the netwo rk and yo ur call quality will dro p. But packet switching quality is getting much better. Netwo rking standards are no w o f f ering special f eatures, such as “packet prio ritizatio n,” that can allo w vo ice packets to gain delivery prio rity o ver packets f o r applicatio ns like e-mail, where a slight delay is OK. When vo ice is digitized, “telepho ne service” simply beco mes ano ther applicatio n that sits o n to p o f the Internet, like the Web, e-mail, o r FTP . Vo IP calls between remo te o f f ices can save lo ng distance charges. And when the pho ne system beco mes a co mputer applicatio n, yo u can do a lo t mo re. Well-implemented Vo IP systems allo w users’ bro wsers access to their vo ice mail inbo x, o ne-click video co nf erencing and call f o rwarding, po int-and-click co nf erence call setup, and o ther f eatures, but yo u’ll still have a pho ne number, just like with P OTS. What Connects the Routers and Computers? Ro uters are co nnected to gether, either via cables o r wirelessly. A cable co nnecting a co mputer in a ho me o r o f f ice is pro bably co pper (likely what’s usually called an Ethernet cable), with transmissio ns sent thro ugh the co pper via electricity. Lo ng-haul cables, tho se that carry lo ts o f data o ver lo ng distances, are usually f iber-o ptic lines—glass lined cables that transmit light (light is f aster and travels f arther distances than electricity, but f iber-o ptic netwo rking equipment is mo re expensive than the co pper-electricity kind). Wireless transmissio n can happen via Wi-Fi (f o r sho rter distances), o r cell pho ne to wer o r satellite o ver lo nger distances. But the beauty o f the Internet pro to co l suite (TCP / IP ) is that it do esn’t matter what the actual transmissio n media are. As lo ng as yo ur ro uting equipment can co nnect any two netwo rks, and as lo ng as that equipment “speaks” IP , then yo u can be part o f the Internet. In reality, yo ur messages likely transf er via lo ts o f di...
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