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Unformatted text preview: Mims, “A P erso nal Cell P ho ne To wer,” Techno lo gy Rev iew , April 7, 2010. That can be a great so lutio n f o r so meo ne who has an in-ho me, high-speed Internet co nnectio n, but wants to get pho ne and mo bile data service indo o rs, to o . Net Neutrality: What’s Fair? Acro ss the wo rld, battle lines are being drawn regarding the to pic o f Net neutrality. Net neutrality is the principle that all Internet traf f ic sho uld be treated equally.M. Ho nan, “Inside Net Neutrality,” MacWo rld, February 12, 2008. So metimes access pro viders have wanted to o f f er varying (so me say “discriminato ry”) co verage, depending o n the service used and bandwidth co nsumed. But where regulatio n stands is currently in f lux. In a pivo tal U.S. case, the FCC o rdered Co mcast to sto p thro ttling (blo cking o r slo wing do wn) subscriber access to the peer-to -peer f ile sharing service BitTo rrent. BitTo rrent users can co nsume a huge amo unt o f bandwidth—the service is o f ten used to transf er large f iles, bo th legitimate (like versio n o f the Linux o perating system) and pirated (HD mo vies). Then in spring 2010, a f ederal appeals co urt mo ved against the FCC’s po sitio n, unanimo usly ruling that the agency did no t have the legal autho rity to dictate terms to Co mcast.“What Is Net Neutrality?” The Week, April 7, 2010. On o ne side o f the debate are Internet service f irms, with Go o gle being o ne o f the stro ngest Net neutrality suppo rters. In an advo cacy paper, Go o gle states, “Just as telepho ne co mpanies are no t permitted to tell co nsumers who they can call o r what they can say, bro adband carriers sho uld no t be allo wed to use their market po wer to co ntro l activity o nline.”Go o gle, “A Guide to Net Neutrality f o r Go o gle Users,” 2008, http:/ / csto m/ do cs/ 1064274/ A-Guide-to -Net-Neutralityf o r-Go o gle-Users. Many Internet f irms also wo rry that if netwo rk pro viders mo ve away f ro m f latrate pricing to ward usage-based (o r metered) schemes, this may li...
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