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Unformatted text preview: m a central o f f ice o r DSL hub. If yo u go f o ur miles o ut, the techno lo gy beco mes unusable. So me DSL pro viders are also using a hybrid f iber-co pper system, but as with cable’s co pper hybrids, this is expensive to build. The superspeedy DSL implementatio ns that are po pular in Euro pe and Asia wo rk because f o reign cities are densely po pulated and so many high-value custo mers can be accessed o ver sho rt distances. In So uth Ko rea, f o r example, half the po pulatio n lives in apartments, and mo st o f tho se custo mers live in and aro und Seo ul. This density also impacts co sts—since so many peo ple live in apartments, f o reign carriers run f ewer lines to reach custo mers, digging up less gro und o r stringing wires acro ss f ewer telepho ne po les. Their U.S. co unterparts by co ntrast need to reach a custo mer base sprawled acro ss the suburbs, so U.S. f irms have much higher inf rastructure co sts. S. Hansell, “The Bro adband Gap: Why Is Theirs Faster?” New Yo rk Times, March 10, 2009. There’s ano ther co mpany with co pper, electricity-carrying cables co ming into yo ur ho me—the electrical utility. BP L, o r bro adband o ver po wer line, techno lo gy has been available f o r years. Ho wever, there are f ew deplo yments because it is co nsidered to be pricier and less practical than alternatives.R. King, “Teleco m Co mpanies Scramble f o r Funding,” BusinessWeek, August 3, 2009. Fiber: A Light‐Filled Glass Pipe to Your Doorstep Fiber t o t h e h ome (FT T H) is the f astest last-mile techno lo gy aro und. It also wo rks o ver lo ng distances. Verizo n’s FiOS techno lo gy bo asts 50 Mbps do wnlo ad speeds but has tested netwo rk upgrades that increase speeds by o ver six times that.S. Higginbo tham, “Verizo n Tests 10 Gbps to the Ho me. Yeah, Yo u’ll Have to Share,” GigaOM, December 17, 2009. The pro blem with f iber is that unlike cable o r DSL co pper, f iber to the ho me netwo rks weren’t already in place. That means f irms had to build their o wn f iber netwo rks f ro m scratch. The co st o f this build o ut can be eno rmo us...
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