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Unformatted text preview: hat mo st residential pro viders use a system that requires custo mers to share bandwidth with neighbo rs. If the guy next do o r is a BitTo rrent-using bandwidth ho g, yo ur traf f ic co uld suf f er.R. Tho mpso n, “DSL Internet vs. Cable Internet,” High Speed Internet Access Guide, March 23, 2010. Cable is f ast and it’s getting f aster. Many cable f irms are ro lling o ut a new techno lo gy called DOCSIS 3.0 that o f f ers speeds up to and exceeding 50 Mbps (previo us high-end speeds were abo ut 16 Mbps and o f ten much less than that). Cable f irms are also creating so -called fiber­co pper hybrids that run higher-speed f iber-o ptic lines into neighbo rho o ds, then use lo wer-co st, but still relatively high-speed, co pper inf rastructure o ver sho rt distances to ho mes.S. Hansell, “The Bro adband Gap: Why Is Theirs Faster?” New Yo rk Times, March 10, 2009. Tho se are f ast netwo rks, but they are also very expensive to build, since cable f irms are laying entirely new lines into neighbo rho o ds instead o f leveraging the inf rastructure that they’ve already go t in place. DSL: Phone Company Copper Digit al subscriber line (DSL) techno lo gy uses the co pper wire the pho ne co mpany has already run into mo st ho mes. Even as custo mers wo rldwide are dro pping their landline pho ne numbers, the wires used to pro vide this inf rastructure can still be used f o r bro adband. DSL speeds vary depending o n the techno lo gy deplo yed. Wo rldwide speeds may range f ro m 7 Mbps to as much as 100 Mbps (albeit o ver very sho rt distances).S. Hansell, “The Bro adband Gap: Why Is Theirs Faster?” New Yo rk Times, March 10, 2009. The Achilles heel o f the techno lo gy lies in the f act that DSL uses standard co pper telepho ne wiring. These lines lack the shielding used by cable, so signals begin to degrade the f urther yo u are f ro m the co nnecting equipment in telepho ne co mpany o f f ices. Speeds dro p o f f signif icantly at less than two miles f ro...
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