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Unformatted text preview: And a manager who kno ws ho w the Internet wo rks will be in a better po sitio n to make decisio ns abo ut ho w to keep the f irm and its custo mers saf e and secure, and be better prepared to brainsto rm ideas f o r winning in a wo rld where access is f aster and cheaper, and f irms, rivals, partners, and custo mers are mo re co nnected. K E Y TAK E AWAYS The slowest part of the I nternet is typically the last mile, not the backbone. While several technologies can offer broadband service over the last mile, the United States continues to rank below many other nations in terms of access speed, availability, and price. Cable firms and phone companies can leverage existing wiring for cable broadband and DSL service, respectively. Cable services are often criticiz ed for shared bandwidth. DSL’s primary limitation is that it only works within a short distance of telephone office equipment. Fiber to the home can be very fast but very expensive to build. An explosion of high‐bandwidth mobile applications is straining 3G networks. 4G sys...
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