The united states has passed the anticybersquatting

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Unformatted text preview: h co mmo n wo rds and phrases are already registered to o thers. While so me do main names are held by legitimate businesses, o thers are registered by investo rs ho ping to resell a name’s rights. Trade in do main names can be lucrative. Fo r example, the “ m” do main was so ld to QuinStreet f o r $ 16 millio n in f all 2009.B. Bo sker, “The 11 Mo st Expensive Do main Names Ever,” The Huffingto n P o st, March 10, 2010. But kno wingly registering a do main name to pro f it f ro m so meo ne else’s f irm name o r trademark is kno wn as cybersquat t ing and that’s illegal. The United States has passed the Anticybersquatting Co nsumer P ro tectio n Act (ACP A), and ICANN has the Do main Name Dispute Reso lutio n P o licy that can reach acro ss bo arders. Try to exto rt mo ney by ho lding a do main name that’s identical to (o r in so me cases, even similar to ) a well-kno wn trademark ho lder and yo u co uld be stripped o f yo ur do main name and even f ined. Co urts and dispute reso lutio n autho rities will so metimes allo w a do main that uses the trademark o f ano ther o rganizatio n if it is perceived to have legitimate, no nexplo itive reaso ns f o r do ing so . Fo r example, the no w def unct site Verizo m was registered as a pro test against the netwo rking giant and was co nsidered f air use since o wners didn’t try to exto rt mo ney f ro m the teleco m giant.D. Streitf eld, “Web Site Feuding Enters Co nstitutio nal Do main,” The Washingto n P o st, September 11, 2000. Ho wever, the co urts allo wed the o wner o f the P ETA trademark (the o rganizatio n P eo ple f o r the Ethical Treatment o f Animals) to claim the do main name peta.o rg f ro m o riginal registrant, who had been using that do main to ho st a site called “P eo ple Eating Tasty Animals.”D. McCullagh, “Ethical Treatment o f P ETA Do main,” Wired, August 25, 2001. Trying to predict ho w autho rities will rule can be dif f icult. The musician Sting’s name w...
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