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Unformatted text preview: o f the time, tho ugh, the ho ps between the so urce and destinatio n o f the tracero ute (the steps invo lving all the ISP s and their ro uters) are visible. Tracero ute can be a neat way to explo re ho w the Internet wo rks and reinf o rce the to pics we’ve just learned. Search f o r tracero ute to o ls o nline o r bro wse the Internet f o r details o n ho w to use the tracero ute co mmand built into yo ur co mputer. There’s Another Internet? If yo u’re a student at a large research university, there’s a go o d chance that yo ur scho o l is part o f Internet2. Internet2 is a research netwo rk created by a co nso rtium o f research, academic, industry, and go vernment f irms. These o rganizatio ns have co llectively set up a highperf o rmance netwo rk running at speeds o f up to o ne hundred gigabits per seco nd to suppo rt and experiment with demanding applicatio ns. Examples include high-quality video co nf erencing; high-reliability, high-bandwidth imaging f o r the medical f ield; and applicatio ns that share huge data sets amo ng researchers. If yo ur university is an Internet2 member and yo u’re co mmunicating with ano ther co mputer that’s part o f the Internet2 co nso rtium, then yo ur o rganizatio n’s ro uters are smart eno ugh to ro ute traf f ic thro ugh the superf ast Internet2 backbo ne. If that’s the case, yo u’re likely already using Internet2 witho ut even kno wing it! K E Y TAK E AWAYS TCP/I P, or the I nternet protocol suite, helps get perfect copies of I nternet transmissions from one location to another. TCP works on the ends of transmission, breaking up transmissions up into manageable packets at the start and putting them back together while checking quality at the end. I P works in the middle, routing packets to their destination. Routers are special computing devices that forward packets from one location to thenext. Routers are typically connected with more than one outbound path, so in case one path becomes unavailable, an alternate path can be used....
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