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Unformatted text preview: mo re co nsumer access, higher quality, and lo wer prices thro ugh co mpetitio n. O3b is a big, bo ld, and admittedly risky plan, but if it wo rks, its impact co uld be tremendo us. Wi‐Fi and Other Hotspots Many users access the Internet via Wi­Fi (which stands f o r w ireless fidelity). Co mputer and mo bile devices have Wi-Fi antennas built into their chipsets, but to co nnect to the Internet, a device needs to be within range o f a base statio n o r ho tspo t. The base statio n range is usually aro und three hundred f eet (yo u might get a lo nger range o utdo o rs and with special equipment; and less range indo o rs when signals need to pass thro ugh so lid o bjects like walls, ceilings, and f lo o rs). Wi-Fi base statio ns used in the ho me are usually bo ught by end users, then co nnected to a cable, DSL, o r f iber pro vider. And no w a so rt o f mo bile pho ne ho tspo t is being used to o verco me limitatio ns in tho se services, as well. Mo bile pro viders can also be susceptible to po o r co verage indo o rs. That’s because the spectrum used by mo st mo bile pho ne f irms do esn’t travel well thro ugh so lid o bjects. Cell co verage is also o f ten limited in the United States because o f a lack o f to wers, which is a result o f the NIMBY pro blem (no t in my backyard). P eo ple do n’t want an eighty-f o o t to f o ur-hundred-f o o t unsightly to wer clo uding their lo cal landscape, even if it will give their neighbo rho o d better cell pho ne co verage.G. Dechter and O. Kharif , “Ho w Craig McCaw Built a 4G Netwo rk o n the Cheap,” BusinessWeek, May 24, 2010. To o verco me receptio n and availability pro blems, mo bile teleco m services f irms have begun o f f ering f emto cells. These devices are usually smaller than a bo x o f cereal and can sell f o r $ 150 o r less (so me are f ree with specif ic service co ntracts). P lug a f emto cell into a high-speed Internet co nnectio n like an in-ho me cable o r f iber service and yo u can get “f ivebar” co verage in a ro ughly 5,000-square-f o o t f o o tprint.C....
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