Tho se packets wrap data chunks in an envelo pe surro

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Unformatted text preview: ed last-mile techno lo gies are o f ten ref erred to as bro adband Internet access (o r just broadband). What qualif ies as bro adband varies. In 2009, the Federal Co mmunicatio ns Co mmissio n (FCC) redef ined bro adband as having a minimum speed o f 768 Kbps (ro ughly f o urteen times the speed o f tho se o ld 56 Kbps mo dems). Other agencies wo rldwide may have dif f erent def initio ns. But o ne thing is clear: a new generatio n o f bandwidth-demanding services requires mo re capacity. As we increasingly co nsume Internet services like HD streaming, real-time gaming, video co nf erencing, and music do wnlo ads, we are in f act beco ming a bunch o f vo racio us, bit-craving glutto ns. With the pivo tal ro le the United States has played in the creatio n o f the Internet, and in pio neering so f tware, hardware, and teleco mmunicatio ns industries, yo u might expect the United States to lead the wo rld in last-mile bro adband access. No t even clo se. A recent study ranked the United States twenty-sixth in do wnlo ad speeds,S. Lawso n, “US Ranks 26th in New Bro adband Index,” Co mputerw o rld, May 25, 2010. while o thers have ranked the United States f ar behind in speed, availability, and price.S. Hansell, “The Bro adband Gap: Why Is Theirs Faster?” New Yo rk Times, March 10, 2009. So unds grim, but help is o n the way. A range o f techno lo gies and f irms are upgrading inf rastructure and develo ping new systems that will increase capacity no t just in the United States but also wo rldwide. Here’s an o verview o f so me o f the majo r techno lo gies that can be used to speed the Internet’s last mile. Understanding Bandwidth When f o lks talk abo ut bandwidt h , they’re ref erring to data transmissio n speeds. Bandwidth is o f ten expressed in bits per seco nd, o r bps. P ref ix letters asso ciated with multiples o f bps are the same as the pref ixes we mentio ned in Chapter 5 "Mo o re’s Law: Fast, Cheap Co mputing and What It Means f o r the Manager" when discussing sto rage capacity in bytes: Kbps = tho usand bits (o r kilo bits...
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