Typically handsets designed f o r o ne netwo rk cant

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Unformatted text preview: ll pho ne access pro viders is delivered via cell to wers. While these pro viders do n’t need to build a residential wired inf rastructure, they still need to secure space f o r cell to wers, build the to wers, co nnect the to wers to a backbo ne netwo rk, and license the wireless spect rum (o r airwave f requency space) f o r transmissio n. We need mo re bandwidth f o r mo bile devices, to o . AT&T no w f inds that the to p 3 percent o f its mo bile netwo rk users gulp up 40 percent o f the netwo rk’s capacity (thanks, iP ho ne users), and netwo rk strain will o nly increase as mo re peo ple ado pt smartpho nes. These users are streaming Majo r League Baseball games, explo ring the planet with Go o gle Earth, watching Yo uTube and Netf lix, streaming music thro ugh P ando ra, and mo re. Get a bunch o f iP ho ne users in a cro wded space, like in a co llege f o o tball stadium o n game day, and the result is a netwo rk-cho king data traf f ic jam. AT&T estimates that it’s no t unco mmo n f o r 80 percent o f game-day iP ho ne users to take o ut their pho nes and surf the Web f o r stats, snap and uplo ad pho to s, and mo re. But cell to wers o f ten can’t handle the lo ad.R. Farzad, “AT&T’s iP ho ne Mess,” BusinessWeek, February 3, 2010. If yo u’ve ever lo st co verage in a cro wd, yo u’ve witnessed mo bile netwo rk co ngestio n f irsthand. Trying to have eno ugh capacity to avo id co ngestio n traf f ic jams will co st so me serio us co in. In the midst o f custo mer co mplaints, AT&T co mmitted to spending $ 18 billio n o n netwo rk upgrades to address its wireless capacity pro blem.C. Edwards and O. Kharif , “Sprint’s Bo ld P lay o n a 4G Netwo rk,” BusinessWeek, March 30, 2010. Table 12.1 Average Demand Usage by Functio n Usage Voice Calls iPhone Browsing Net Radio Deman d 4 MB/hr. 40–60 MB/hr. 60 MB/hr. YouTube 200–400 MB/hr. Co n ven tio n al mo b ile p h o n es u se an estimated 100 MB/mo n th , iPh o n es 560 MB/mo n th , an d iPad s almo st 1 GB/mo n th . So urce: R...
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