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Unformatted text preview: o ugho ut the wo rld are accredited by ICANN (Int ernet Corporat ion f or Assigning Names and Numbers), a no npro f it go vernance and standards-setting bo dy. Each registrar may be granted the ability to register do main names in o ne o r mo re o f the Net’s generic to p-level do mains (gTLDs), such as “.co m,” “.net,” o r “.o rg.” There are do zens o f registrars that can register “.co m” do main names, the mo st po pular gTLD. So me generic to p-level do main names, like “.co m,” have no restrictio ns o n use, while o thers limit registratio n. Fo r example, “.edu” is restricted to U.S.-accredited, po stseco ndary institutio ns. ICANN has also anno unced plans to allo w o rganizatio ns to spo nso r their o wn to plevel do mains (e.g., “.berlin,” o r “.co ke”). There are also separate agencies that handle o ver 250 dif f erent two -character co untry co de to p-level do mains, o r ccTLDs (e.g., “.uk” f o r the United Kingdo m and “.jp” f o r Japan). Servers o r o rganizatio ns generally do n’t need to be ho used within a co untry to use a co untry co de as part o f their do main names, leading to a number o f creatively named Web sites. The URLsho rtening site “” uses Libya’s “.ly” to p-level do main; many physicians are partial to Mo ldo va’s co de (“.md”); and the tiny P acif ic island natio n o f Tuvulu might no t have a single bro adcast televisio n statio n, but that do esn’t sto p it f ro m licensing its co untry co de to f irms that want a “.tv” do main name.K. Maney, “Tuvalu’s Sinking, But Its Do main Is o n So lid Gro und,” USA To day, April 27, 2004. Recent standards also allo w do main names in languages that use no n-Latin alphabets such as Arabic and Russian. Do main name registratio n is handled o n a f irst-co me, f irst-served basis and all registrars share registratio n data to ensure that no two f irms gain rights to the same name. Start-ups o f ten spo rt wacky names, partly because so many do mains wit...
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