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Unformatted text preview: io ns because services like e-mail and Facebo o k identif y yo u by yo ur username and passwo rd. The IP address simply tells the co mputers that yo u’re co mmunicating with where they can f ind yo u right no w. IP addresses can also be used to identif y a user’s physical lo catio n, to tailo r search results, and to custo mize advertising. See Chapter 14 "Go o gle in Three P arts: Search, Online Advertising, and Beyo nd" to learn mo re. The o riginal and still widely used f o rmat f o r IP addresses is kno wn as IP v4. Under IP v4, IP addresses are expressed as a string o f f o ur numbers between 0 and 255, separated by three perio ds. Want to kno w which IP address yo ur smartpho ne o r co mputer is using? Visit a Web site like m (o ne “d”), m, o r m. The Internet Is Full—We’ve Run Out of IP Addresses If yo u do the math, f o ur co mbinatio ns o f 0 to 255 gives yo u a little o ver f o ur billio n po ssible IP addresses. Fo ur billio n so unds like a lo t, but the number o f devices co nnecting to the Internet is explo ding! Internet access is no w baked into smartpho nes, tablets, televisio ns, DVD players, video game co nso les, utility meters, thermo stats, appliances, picture f rames, and mo re. Ano ther pro blem is a big chunk o f existing addresses weren’t allo cated ef f iciently, and these can’t be easily reclaimed f ro m the co rpo ratio ns, universities, and o ther o rganizatio ns that initially received them. All o f this means that we’ve run o ut o f IP addresses. In February 2011 the last batches were made available to regio nal Internet registries.J. Biggs, “Everybo dy P anic: Why We’re Running Out o f IP Addresses and What’s Go ing to Happen No w,” CrunchGear, February 2, 2011. There are so me schemes to help delay the impact o f this IP address dro ught. Fo r example, a technique kno wn as NAT (net work address t ranslat ion) uses a gateway that allo ws multiple devices to share a single IP address. But NAT slo ws do wn Internet access and is co mple...
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