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Unformatted text preview: advantage, late mo ving rivals may f ind markets unrespo nsive to their presence. Of co urse, if yo ur f irm’s claim in the blue o cean is based o n easily imitated reso urces (like techno lo gy f eatures), then ho lding o f f rivals will be to ugher. Fo r ho liday seaso n 2010, Micro so f t sho wed up with its o wn mo tio n-gaming co ntro ller, the Kinect video camera system. Kinect was such a hit with generatio n Wii that it became the f astest-selling co nsumer electro nics pro duct in histo ry, pumping up Xbo x 360 co nso le sales and go o sing Micro so f t’s entertainment divisio n f ro m zero to a billio n do llars in pro f its in just two years.S. Kessler, “Micro so f t Kinect Sales To p 10 Millio n, Set New Guinness Wo rld Reco rd,” Mashable, March 9, 2011; D. Go ldman, “Micro so f t P ro f it So ars 31% o n Stro ng Of f ice and Kinect Sales,” CNNMo ney, April 28, 2011. Market expansio n so metimes puts rivals who previo usly did no t co mpete o n a co llisio n co urse as markets underg...
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