But ebay sellers were reluctant to leave f o r two

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Unformatted text preview: e 6. 2 Gilt gro wth o f a new and vital distributio n channel. Gilt knew that getting its Group e iPad Ap p app into the purses and po ckets o f mo re o f its users wo uld increase the chance that a custo mer wo uld view mo re deals and act o n them. To enco urage mo bile o wners to do wnlo ad the Gilt app, the co mpany o f f ered instant membership (as o ppo sed to its no rmal invitatio n-o nly mo del) and a ten-do llar credit to the f irst ten tho usand new subscribers. Awareness o f Gilt o n the Go spread virally, and apps grew in a f lash, acco unting f o r 15 percent o f the f irm’s revenue within mo nths.B. Gutman, “Gilt Gro upe Reveals Its Success with Mo bile and So cial,” Fo rbes, May 17, 2011. So me o f the best appro aches to Gilt ’ s t en­dollar iPad s ubs idy and ins t ant members hip offer help ed fuel adop t ion of t he iPad co mpeting in netwo rk markets will simultaneo usly leverage several o f ap p . Mobile ap p s now the strategies we’re o utlining here, and in the case o f Gilt, the subsidy account for 1 5 p ercent of helped creat...
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