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Unformatted text preview: to gether to create a new, mo re o pen standard, realizing that co llective suppo rt is mo re likely to jumpstart a netwo rk than if o ne f irm tried to act with a clo sed, pro prietary o f f ering. Examples o f this include the co alitio ns o f f irms that have wo rked to gether to advance standards like Blueto o th and Wi-Fi. While no single member f irm gains a direct pro f it f ro m the sale o f devices using these standards, the standard’s backers benef it when the market f o r devices expands as pro ducts beco me mo re usef ul because they are mo re intero perable. Leverage Distribution Channels Firms can also think abo ut no vel ways to distribute a pro duct o r service to co nsumers. Sun f aced a challenge when launching the Java pro gramming language—no co mputers co uld run it. In o rder f o r Java to wo rk, co mputers need a little interpreter pro gram called the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Mo st users weren’t willing to do wnlo ad the JVM if there were no applicatio ns written in Java, and no develo...
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