Eisenmann g p arker and m van alstyne strategies f o r

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Unformatted text preview: d the majo rity o f the market, while Real’s share had f allen to belo w 10 percent.BusinessWire, “Media P layer Fo rmat Share f o r 2006 Co nf irms Windo ws Media Remains Do minant with a 50.8% Share o f Video Mos t p undit s ex p ect ed Ap p le ret ail t o fail. Ins t ead t he s t ores Streams Served, Fo llo wed by Flash at 21.9%—‘CDN Gro wth and Market p rovided a wildly Share Shif ts: 2002–2006,’” December 18, 2006; and T. Eisenmann, G. s ucces s ful channel t o P arker, and M. Van Alstyne, “Strategies f o r Two -Sided Markets,” reach cus t omers , ex p lain Harv ard Business Rev iew , Octo ber 2006. p roduct s , and make s ales . The Ap p le St ore on Cautio n is advised, ho wever. Regio nal antitrust autho rities may co nsider pro duct bundling by do minant f irms to be antico mpetitive. Fift h Avenue in Manhat t an was recent ly named t he mos t Euro pean regulato rs have f o rced Micro so f t to unbundle Windo ws p hot ograp hed landmark Media P layer f ro m its o perating system and to pro vide a cho ice o f in New York Cit y. bro wsers alo ngside Internet Explo rer. Source: Phot o court es y of Samant ha Marx , ht t p ://www. flickr. com/ p hot os /s p am/441 400660...
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